• YLE, Immersion, 2010

    Immersion, a creativity room for TV show developers to create a world of their own.

  • Audi, Audi Interaction, 2009


    In the future your car is going to be more than just a transportation device. The future car requires better controls while still letting you control the car - Audi Interaction introduces a sensing grid to your steering wheel, turning it to a control device for all the features of your car.

  • Finnsecurity, Kupla Coat, 2009

    Kupla Coat provides effective, discreet and easy-to-use fall protection integrated into clothing.

  • Naked Green, Eco-Drive, 2009

    The Eco-Drive (ED) device combines a tangible, in-car product with online social media for people to change their driving habits, and see the impact they are having on the environment.

  • Panasonic, PANACLICK, 2008


    Getting tired of having your hands full of electronic devices? The Panaclick moves the controls of your devices to your headphones, freeing your hands and enabling you to live in the moment.

  • Nokia, Ki’i, 2007


    The Ki’i book is a mobile handheld device that allows users to create and access self-expressive drawings and comments. The user can then share these to other Ki'i users for easy, visual communication.

  • Panasonic, Panasense, 2007


    The E-MO display communicates your emotions to the outside world so that you and your surroundings can be more aware of your emotional state. This helps you cultivate your relationships with others further.