Panasonic, PANACLICK, 2008


Getting tired of having your hands full of electronic devices? The Panaclick moves the controls of your devices to your headphones, freeing your hands and enabling you to live in the moment.

With our system, users can remain engaged with the environment around them instead of attending to the needs of their electronic devices. We have moved the controls of the devices to the headphones – this enables hands free operation of your devices. Check out our video!

Our prototype solution is focused on two devices: a mobile phone and MP3 player. We believe that in the future, regardless of how devices evolve, people will still want to speak with each other over a distance and listen to music for entertainment. The electronics for our prototype are built into a pair of high quality headphones, because users of cell phones and mp3 players frequently use headphones already. The cell phone and MP3 player also require a typical set of commands that can be expanded to other devices in the future. In order to make the user interface as fast and intuitive as possible we implemented only the essential functions. When users want to perform complex tasks, they can use the controls on the devices themselves.