• Merck: Abbi 2016

    abbi intro

    Abbi is a chatbot built to learn about an MS patient's physical condition and then suggest them relevant and goal-oriented rehabilitation exercises at given times in the day.
    Together with Abbi, we want to help MS patients to stay independent, and take control of their own life.

  • Berca, Talaria, 2015

    The automated Talaria shoe helps the elderly by making putting on and taking off shoes as easy as with slippers but provides the support of a proper shoe.

  • DataSam, Trovato, 2015


    Trovato is a smart and easy-to-use tracking system designed for hospitals, that enables equal information accessibility from the hospital staff and enhances the patient journey.

  • Electric Mobility Norway, Routey, 2015

    Routey is a software tool for planning the electric bus charging infrastructure and providing energy cost estimations for operating the system.

  • ABB, Rightdrive, 2014


    Buying the correct frequency converter, also known as low frequency drive, for your cement factory or cruise ship can be hard. Luckily Right Drive, a platform for purchasing just those, makes purchasing low frequency drives effortless.

  • Audi, Audi Response, 2014


    Even self driving cars can end up in accidents. The Audi Response monitors the driver and in the case of an emergency relays all the relevant information to the Emergency Medical Services and attempts to minimize the accident.

  • Bayer, LINK, 2014


    LINK provides people taking part in medical studies an easy way to track themselves during the study. LINK then feeds this good quality data to the researchers and prompts better research.

  • Thales, OKO, 2014

    OKO is a two-piece product designed for firefighters in the context of smoke-diving: it consists of one shareable camera unit and a set of individual near-eye display, using SWIR technology.

  • UBS, Muse, 2014


    Muse connects young and wealthy individuals to up and coming startups or creative individuals, offering both sides of the bargain a chance to benefit from the wealth of the young USB client.

  • Visy, Paintpac, 2014

    Paintpac is a paint packaging solution, which dispenses paint directly into the tray, preventing mess, reducing waste and “taking the pain out of painting”.