ABB, Rightdrive, 2014


Buying the correct frequency converter, also known as low frequency drive, for your cement factory or cruise ship can be hard. Luckily Right Drive, a platform for purchasing just those, makes purchasing low frequency drives effortless.

“Right Drive: a platform that helps drive buyers find and purchase the optimal drive much more easily than with any current solution. At the same time it gives high-end manufacturers like ABB a whole new level of reach and appeal. More precisely, Right Drive is a web-based search engine and community for drive buyers and sellers.

The search engine takes into account the industry, product and service -related needs of the user to provide a list of most fitting products from various brands. In-depth details of the top choices can then be compared, and their nearest distributors easily found via an integrated map. In addition, users can join the platform’s community to connect with other buyers and sellers and find relevant events and offers. At the same time, manufacturers like ABB get to convincingly showcase their products to a potentially global audience in the search results

No existing solution is making it so easy to search, compare, choose and buy drives. Not only that, the Right Drive model can be extended to practically any technical product category.”