• Audi, Audi Evolve, 2013

    AudiEvolve is a solution for 2035 that enables transitioning between various activities (while in autonomous mode) and driving.

  • Carvajal, Music Blox, 2013

    Music Blox is a physical music sequencer that aims to help children develop their creativity.

  • eFM, Domus Sapiens, 2013

    Domus Sapiens is a platform that re-invent facility management for the people in facilities
    they care about the most, their own homes, by integrating disconnected home automation devices but also service providers.

  • Unicef, CareSquare, 2013

    CareSquare is a "Clinic-in-a-backpack" that enables healthcare services to get closer to mothers who would never visit health centers and not get access to medical care.

  • ROVIO, Pulse, 2013

    Pulse is a mobile and browser application for collaboratively creating, experiencing and capturing events while matching people and brands.

  • Washtec, RoMo, 2013

    RoMo delivers the user a carefree solution for their car washing needs, including a mobile app and a washing robot. 

  • Activision, Warlord, 2011

    The Warlord is the first ever controller to successfully map the extent of PC FPS game functions onto a gun form factor.

  • Suez, Mainstream, 2011

    Mainstream consists of a network of intelligent Mainstream fountains and bottles to encourage people to hydrate themselves.

  • UPM, TUPA, 2011

    Tupa is the revolutionary new design for the Finnish Maternity Package and is made from UPM Grada Plywood.

  • Autodesk, Bloom Laptop, 2010

    A laptop you can break down by hand, then recycle