Audi, Audi Evolve, 2013

AudiEvolve is a solution for 2035 that enables transitioning between various activities (while in autonomous mode) and driving.

The team envisioned a future where cabin space designs of autonomous cars will have transformed the journey into the destination. The aim was to offer a solution for 2035 where drivers can easily work and enjoy their free time, while maintaining the pleasure of driving. This made it important to focus on the issue of transitioning between various activities and driving.

Since people will often be performing many different activities while in the car, creating an excellent riding experience is just as important as an excellent driving experience. The team designed a system that will lead to smooth and comfortable transitions not only to and from driving mode, but also for transitions between other activities. This will also help people regain time lost in commuting by creating a cabin space that is adaptable to many activities and removes tedious manual adjustments. The designed system will give the user complete flexibility to perform different activities in the cabin space.