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Global Innovation Program at Aalto University

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What does ME310 mean?

Nothing. It is a Stanford Course code thats stands for Mechanical Engineering 310. There is also a ME309 and ME101 and so on. That’s it. The boring truth of the mysterious name.

Is it really a lifetime experience?

Well, to put it brief: yes. Not all courses work with this big budgets, with this challenging and important topics for the sponsors. Sponsors are onboard with significant fees and thus expect significant outcomes. This course really prepares you to apply for high­ level innovation work at management level or start your own business like several alumnies around the world already did.

ME310 Aalto is divided in several courses. Can I do just one or few?

All the parts are essential for the whole course so you need to do them all.

Is it hard? Will I survive?

It is hard but it’s manageable. ME310 Aalto is very demanding with the teaching team working together with students to go beyond foreseen creativity and innovation, to really push for provocative, radical and out­-of-­the-­box ideas to make an impact on the field of each project. Every year so far, students are pushed to the limits but all of them have survived, that is the reason why ME310 is a life­ changing experience.

How much do we travel?

There are typically two big travels where we gather with the entire global network, one in late October for what we call Global Kickoff and another one during the first week of June for an International Expo, traditionally held in Silicon Valley. On top of these each team typically travels also once during the year to visit their partner university.
All the flights and accommodations will be covered by the course. Travel is very likely, but not guaranteed, as situations might change.

Who pays all the traveling?

All the traveling and related accommodations are covered by the course budget.