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Global Innovation Program at Aalto University

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ME310 EXPE 06.06.2018Stanford University The Stanford Design EXPErience is a unique, once-a-year opportunity to meet with students, faculty and industry colleagues. This year brings you an expansive range of participating courses, faculty, and students from a broad cross section of design thinking activities at Stanford. More info: http://expe.stanford.edu/
SUGAR EXPO 08.06.2019Broadway Studios in San Francisco SUGAR Expo is a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at the future of innovation, and meet with students, faculty, and industry. It happens every year, to celebrate our students’ creative work in design research, design practice, engineering, business, and manufacturing. More info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sugar-expo-2019-registration-56575952196
Introduction to Design Thinking workshop by ME310 Aalto Welcome to a fast-paced workshop, based on Stanford University way of teaching! Participants will be taken through a full design cycle, in order to learn the basic principles of design thinking and see they can be applied in complex real world challenges. Workshop will be arranged at... / READ MORE /